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Five Signs That It’s Time to Move On from that Relationship

Sometimes it’s best to move on from that relationship. Who you surround yourself with will play a huge role in dictating what energy vibration you are radiating out. It will play a huge role in how you feel about yourself too. Sometimes, when we move on, we are not only protecting ourselves but giving the other person an opportunity to grow as well. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to move on.

1) There is “always” something wrong with them.

Beware of friends that say “This always happens to me” or “Nothing ever works out.” I’m not saying people don’t have bad days, but when someone constantly complains about how terrible their lives are they are literally attracting the same circumstances and feelings to come to them over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle. Being a close part of their life usually means that you are allowing their toxic habit to affect you and they could possibly drag you into a negative situation that is not yours to bear.

Most likely, you will become part of their codependency and feel like a glorified therapist. If you dread their phone call, it’s time to hang it up. Quite literally. Sometimes, we feel that in order to be nice we must deal with these sorts of emotions. Most often, you are actually enabling behavior that is unhealthy for this person and not allowing them to figure things out on their own.

2) They gossip….a lot.

Gossip, in general, is a very low vibrational activity. Gossip is not sending love or healing to another person. Most often, when someone constantly gossips, it’s an attempt to cover up insecurity of their own by propping themselves up with the perceived faults of another person. It severely hampers personal growth by not confronting personal issues and hurts self-confidence and self-perception.

Not only is this detrimental to the person who is the victim of gossip, but it is also unhealthy for the one who is doing it and the people that are hanging out with the gossiper.

By being involved with this type of person you are not allowing yourself to live up to your full potential. These people will bring you down and you may even wonder why you just don’t feel that good.

3) When it comes to you, they change the subject.

Every relationship needs balance. In fact, we need balance when it comes to our own inner relationship. If you find that you are in a relationship where most of the subject matter is the other person’s life and you feel they have no real interest in what’s going on with you, pull the plug.

This is another sign of codependent behavior and not a cycle you want to be a part of. When we engage in relationships that are one-sided we are contributing to the detriment of our own self-worth and self-perception. You are worthy of relationships where you are valued and loved.

4) They never take ownership of their mistakes or wrongdoings.

This is the ultimate victim card. When you find yourself around someone who can never own up to situations and is constantly pinning the blame on other people, you may want to take a deeper look into the relationship. We must all realize that we do have a part in every situation we are in.

Whether this is learning we need to walk away or simply make better decisions. We do have ownership in most situations we are in. Also, nobody does things to us perpetually unless we allow them to. Being around someone who has the victim talk track not only takes from your shine but also enables that person to stay in the same place.

5)They drain your energy.

I like to refer to these kinds of relationships as “energy vampires”. They thrive off of the energies of other people because they are operating on a very low frequency. Ideally, we want to feel energized and fulfilled around people. Why? Because this means they are on the same level as we are and can fill us as we fill them.

Feeling drained when you are around someone is also your intuition telling you that it’s time to take a break or its time to end things. Remember, ending a relationship is just opening yourself up to new opportunities for connections that will be of benefit to you so you can be the best you.

It’s not always easy.

Sometimes, we feel we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or we may feel it is unkind to end relationships. In reality, you know when it’s time to hang up the towel. In fact, if you began reading this with a situation or person in mind, this would be another sign that it’s time to either take a break or end a relationship altogether.

Tips to call it quits.

Stop feeding into the negativity.

Eventually, that person will not like the idea that you are not fueling the fire and back away.

Do not answer their call or text every single time.

You do not have to be at anyone’s beck and call. Especially when they do not treat you with respect or they bring you down.

It’s ok to say NO

It really is, saying yes to “fit” in or to people please will not get you anywhere and will definitely not raise you up. Saying NO when your intuition is telling you to do so will open up your flow for the amazing opportunities and situations to come your way.

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The universe pours into open hands, not closed fists. Letting go is necessary to receive that which we know is ours. Relationships are no exception.

You are worthy of love. You are worthy of balance. You are worthy of relationships that feed.

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