Never Underestimate the Power of Hope

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Daily Affirmations Lead to Huge Positive Changes

“I am worthy and I am enough.”

There is ONE thing that holds more people back than anything… For 29 years I have
had the privilege to guide women to create (manifest) their lives on purpose and get in shape
from the inside out, one of the most common things that I have seen over and over that holds
people back is that they feel that they are not worthy or deserving of the very thing that
they are wishing for! They may want and or desire something but deep inside they feel that
they are not worthy or deserving of that thing, situation, money, or relationship. Does this
sound familiar?

The good part about this is that you have the power to change it…

And, I have seen first hand with thousands of how this small shift can make Huge Positive

And I will show you how to start that journey … Maybe you have never heard of affirmations
or maybe you know all about them and wonder why they don’t work for you. Are you saying
mere words and your thoughts are somewhere else?

Saying, “I am worthy” or “I am deserving” will begin to change your subconscious mind if you
make it uniquely yours. You must attach a feeling to it… You must visually play out that
feeling in your head…

Here are a few steps to get you started with this uniquely yours

You must dig deeper.

  • What exactly do you desire to feel worthy or deserving of?

Adding the specifics of what you are worthy of is one way you can make your affirmations unique to you and, therefore, much more effective.

I am deserving of __________. (ex. making the team)

  • When you say the words out loud or to yourself what doubts come up first in your

I will never make the team.

  • Why won’t you make the team?

Because the other girls are so much better than me.

  • How are they better?

They have been playing longer.

  • Can you play the game?


  • Yes, Yes you are deserving of making that team!
    Yes! I am deserving of making that team!

(Insert any situation into these questions…)

These are simply limiting beliefs or blocks that you have given to yourself.

And, it’s not your fault. As we grow up and even as adults the outside world will begin to
creep into your subconscious mind to the point that you actually believe what you hear from
others. Then through the years, you begin to take them on to be true about yourself and or
situations. Yes, even money. These are truly made-up stories with no truth, and you are
believing it.

Thinking about it logically… Would you do something if you knew 100% that it was going to hurt
you or lead you in the wrong direction?

So, you can see that if you do not take inspired action on the stories that you are allowing
yourself to think to be true that you can accumulate a ton of untruths that you walk around with
every single day and they will absolutely control your life. A big part of being able to get rid of
Limiting Beliefs and Blocks is to have a healthy Self Perception, what you think and feel about
you is key and the base of everything in your life. A healthy Self Perception will allow you to
separate out the truths from the untruths and you will start living on a path that is uniquely yours.
A path that will soulfully fulfill you. And what a wonderful experience this life will be for you and
all those that surround you.

Here is a sneak peek of some bonus affirmations that are in The Self Perception Makeover Method® Courses
I am worthy and deserving to receive my version of success in this life.
I am worthy of my heartfelt desires.
I deserve to be happy.
I am my own perfect.
I am worthy of every amazing opportunity that comes my way.
I am worthy of receiving love.
I am worthy of making amazing friends.

Starting these shifts in your life with positively impact those around you as well.

Now it’s time to make those desires your reality…

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