Never Underestimate the Power of Hope

Journaling and Affirmations

Written by Cathlene Miner


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More on A Healthy Self Perception

Escaping Bohemia

Knowing that you have a choice, as a child, is such a powerful tool but it is a tool that so many children do not tap into. Together we can show children that they do in fact hold that power!

As an adult too often we hold onto the guilt and shame of a childhood that we had little control over. Together we can shed the baggage that is carried so unnecessarily!

A Self Perception Makeover

This book targets the foundation of your life...YOU. What we think and feel about ourselves has more of an impact upon how our lives play out than we realize. When we wake up to this fact we can start to design our lives with purpose, allowing our dreams to become reality.

Could there be anything more exciting and empowering than that?

Self perception dictates the chances you take, the choices you make, the relationships professionally and personally that you stay in and the ones you leave because you know that you are worth more.

The secrets to healthy self perception is now YOURS with the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover! This simple program can make a dramatic difference in a short space of time.