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Carolyn's Haven of Hope

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Building the Bridge from Surviving to Thriving!

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85% of survivors go back to their abuser because they don’t have the means financially to sustain themselves. This also means no place to call home beyond the shelter and staying with family and friends. We have a plan to fill the gap. “Carolyn’s Haven of Hope will be a place to heal in a safe environment with accountability on both ends,” said Cathlene Miner, founder of Hopefull Handbags Global (HH). Survivors would be in our successful SHINE and NEW Programs while participating in the upkeep of their home and working towards a sustainable place of their own.” Cathlene says that she truly believes we can collectively change the equation for those that are leaving abusive situations.

It has been proven over time that individuals are a reflection of their surroundings. Specifically, we learn from the people in our surroundings, whether it be good or bad learning. For any individual to change a behavior that they know is not serving them, that individual needs to surround themselves with positive people that are moving forward in the direction they would like to go. Sometimes that means changing their friends, associates, and surroundings. For instance, an individual with alcoholism needs to not associate with others who love drinking alcohol. The same applies to domestic abuse survivors; they need to meet new people who can empower them by being an example of successfully overcoming a bad situation, and living an independent financially sustainable lifestyle, which will enhance that survivor, her children, and her community.

Until the survivor is surrounded by people who have made a successful change, they will not believe that they are capable of doing the same. This is the critical value of Carolyn’s Haven of Hope , the SHINE and NEW programs is because it shows the survivor the path that they need to follow to be financially independent and out of an abusive, controlling situation. Of critical importance as well is the fact that domestic abuse extends across generations in a family, because individuals are a reflection of their surroundings, and can’t see a viable better path. Survivors who leave a situation and establish an independent sustainable life away from the abuser also set an example for their children to understand that domestic abuse is wrong, should not be tolerated, and that there is a different way to live. Changing that chain of domestic abuse acceptance being carried over generations will have a significant positive effect on the community far beyond what we can imagine today.

Hopefull Handbags Global is a bridge organization that raises hope and helps survivors find BRIDGES of CONNECTION to resources, support, education, and self-growth. HH is a connector in bringing global awareness to domestic abuse and sustainability for survivors and their children. We realize the shelters may be the first stop, but they are not a long-term solution. We noticed a gap in one on one mentorship in our communities globally and have since been on a mission to close the gap. Once survivors have taken the enormous step to leave their situations and go to a shelter or stay with family or friends, they run into several obstacles that often lead them right back to their abuser.


Carolyn’s Haven of Hope Bridge Housing will be the bridge to the other side.

This 18-month Program is a time to heal, and gain skills, employment, confidence, and healthy self-perception and lifestyle while having of a mentor to guide them.

Contact Cathlene Miner, Founder of Hopefull Handbags Global

Carolyn’s Haven of Hope at [email protected].

Our Vision: Carolyn’s Haven of Hope Bridge Housing

Our vision:

Apartment-type setting for 18 months year.

A “House Mother” on the property”

Self-development, Self Perception, SHINE, and NEW Programs facilitated by Hopefull Handbags Global with a 91% success rate, one on one mentorship, and other resources.

Counseling and Holistic Approach to inner healing.

Financial planning with collaboration bank resources for opening accounts, budgeting, money management, and planning for permanent housing. (See more on our HH SHINE and NEW Program)

Entrepreneurship- internet access allows survivors and their children to access computers for work and school.

Development of a healthy routine for survivors and their children.

Education and guidance on service providers so that they have a cohesive team of professionals to make their life easier, more balanced, and consistent.

How Will it Work

Carolyn’s Haven of Hope comes with the responsibility of the survivors participating in and fully embracing being active participants in their own lives. The length of stay will be approximately 18 months and spots will be filled by application and interview as they come available.


1. Survivors must be ready to employ, get their GED, or already have a steady job.
2. Survivors will pay rent (on a scaled basis) once they have an income and have established a budget.
3. Survivors will have to pass a background check and drug test.(CHOH is an alcohol and drug-free program)
4. A cooperative contract will be in place between the survivor and Hopefull Handbags Global for their personal and collaborative journey to their future safety and 5. sustainability and participation in HH SHINE and NEW Programs.
5. Survivors will be responsible for contributing to the upkeep of the home.

How it Will Help Survivors and their Children

They will have a new positive safe way of living introduced.

They will have time to become more independent in a safe, sustainable environment.

They will have one on one mentorship.

They will have a safe place to commit and implement HH SHINE and NEW Programs.

They will accept responsibility for their surroundings.

The children will have good role models by way of their parent and mentors through this new journey.

They will leave the victim mentality behind.

They will establish a healthy routine and begin healing from trauma.

They will become economically independent.

They will learn about other supportive economic and training programs

They will build more confidence and self-esteem from the INSIDE out.

They will be empowered with the tools for a limitless life.

Refer to SHINE and NEW Programs for more information

Contact Cathlene Miner, Founder of Hopefull Handbags Global

Carolyn’s Haven of Hope at [email protected].

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