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Shine & New Program

It has been proven over time that individuals are a reflection of their surroundings. Specifically, we learn from the people in our surroundings, whether it be good or bad learning. For any individual to change a behavior that they know is not serving them, that individual needs to surround themselves with positive people that are moving forward in the direction they would like to go. Sometimes that means changing their friends, associates, and surroundings. For instance, an individual with alcoholism needs to not associate with others who love drinking alcohol. The same applies to domestic abuse survivors; these individuals need to meet new people who can empower them by being an example of successfully overcoming a bad situation, and living an independent financially sustainable, healthy lifestyle, which will enhance the survivor, their children, and their community.

Until the survivor is surrounded by people who have made a successful change, they will not believe that they are capable of doing the same. This is the critical value of HH’s active SHINE and NEW programs and our pending Carolyns Haven of Hope Homes because it shows the survivor the path that they need to follow to be financially independent and out of an abusive, controlling situation. Of critical importance as well is the fact that domestic abuse extends across generations in a family, because individuals are a reflection of their surroundings, and can’t see a viable better path. Survivors who leave a situation and establish an independent sustainable life away from the abuser also set an example for their children to understand that domestic abuse is wrong, should not be tolerated, and that there is a different way to live. Changing that chain of domestic abuse acceptance being carried over generations will have a significant positive effect on the community far beyond what we can imagine today.

The importance of the sustainability of this program is to foster a healthy Self Esteem and Self-perception of survivors so that they feel empowered to make their own decisions and have the strength to follow through to a safe, healthy sustainable future for themselves and their children. During the pandemic and after the number of abuse survivors skyrocketed and the need is greater than ever. These survivors and their children have been figuratively and literally beaten down and are on a journey to healing and growth. This takes a lot of inner work as well as inspired actions for sustainability to support themselves and their children.

All of the survivors and their children are leaving negative situations and it has been proven to be detrimental to the mental health and well-being of all involved. The importance of a positive one-on-one mentor is critical to the success of each individual as they make such huge positive changes in their lives.

This program is implemented in one-to-one and group settings. With the power of Zoom and other video platforms, we are able to connect to thousands of survivors, provide them with the tools for success, and have check-ins, sometimes daily at the beginning, to keep up with, guide, and document progress. This also allows us to intervene with any other program or means necessary for them to stay on track for their safe, healthy sustainable futures.

How does it work;

To implement our SHINE Program to as many survivors and their children as we can to get them to safety and sustainability. This goes much further than the book in the journal. At HH we work with each Survivor individually that are within our programs and guide them on their journey to their new to them safe, happy sustainable life.

Steps in the SHINE Program getting through messy.

SHINE Program. By matching survivors with a mentor they become a supporter lending strength when the survivor feels they are depleted. This is a critical difference between merely surviving and thriving.

Safety; Trauma destroys a survivors and children’s feeling of safety. We reassure that the abuse was not their fault and that they can have a life of safety, happiness, and sustainability.

Habits establish a healthy routine. Patiently establishing a new relationship with themselves.

Independence Leaving the victim mentality behind. Sustainability with jobs and budgeting.

New way of living Getting comfortable with new surroundings. Engage in healthy relationships with the world and others.

Empowered by the tools within themselves with reconnection, dreams and goals


Navigating Employment Wins


Achieving Financial Independence and sustainability for survivors many of whom are already at a disadvantage since most have not had employment at all or in many years.

The opportunity to prepare survivors for life without abuse and the challenges they may face in gaining employment is an imperative one and is still overlooked in today’s society.

While a comprehensive, holistic approach is taken during our SHINE Program, the NEW program, although a part of SHINE, stands on its own as well. This is a critical step to gaining economic mobility and advancement in the process of financial sustainability and mental well-being. This receives relatively little attention in mainstream media. Preparing a survivor that is already at a disadvantage with the demands of full-time employment to support herself and her children is only successful with one on one mentoring with career coaches, upskilling and reskilling resources, and career advancement mentors.

The NEW Program is a necessity with survivors otherwise returning to the abuser 85% of the time due to financial reasons. Some of our survivors are gaining a GED or do not have an education past a high school diploma. It is pertinent that we work hand-in-hand with each survivor and community service providers and agencies to ensure that survivors receive needed resources and guidance after leaving the abusive situation for an economically sustainable life. This includes navigating skill sets, trades, confidence, training, and punctuality. Providing needed laptop and computer training for establishing employment and employment options, along with building a resume, interview training, on-the-job skills, and applications. Guidance on budgeting time and transportation.

The NEW Program will also guide survivors that have a small business idea into reality even if it has to start in tandem once they secure employment for financial sustainability. Once a survivor is in our continuum of care they always have access to our resources to obtain career advancement or when needed. These efforts make the difference between surviving and thriving and being an asset to their communities.

How it works;

Navigating: HH puts together a unique plan along with the survivor based on the survivor’s skills and situation to help navigate the complex employment world of which they have not been a part in most cases for many years if ever. This will allow along with the SHINE Program for a foundation and help to build Self Perception and Self Confidence for a sense of mental well-being in the survivor in order to retain employment.

Employment: Establishing and collecting educational transcripts for GED completion if needed in tandem with official documents necessary for employment, and certifications needed.

Wins: Becoming gainfully Employed

For more detailed information about our programs please contact Founder of HH , Cathlene at [email protected]


Our projects along with our HH SHINE and NEW Programs are elevating confidence, self perception and wellbeing to new heights!

WHY DID H O P E F U L L H A N D B A G S Global get involved in W A T E R P R O J E C T S ????

We ask survivors what can they do to make a positive impact in their community while adding to their sustainability for themselves and their children.

In some of the Kenya villages that we have been assisting survivors it is water that is a huge need for the schools, children and the community.

How is this helping survivors?

It is helping with sustainability because the survivors are involved with the planning of the project the implementation and the follow-up. They are paid for their services which leads to sustainability and also raises confidence, self-perception, and self-esteem.

How is this helping the community?

Allowing their natural resources of rain to become sustainable water for the schools, children and the community that will also have access to the water. ➡️➡️Also bringing awareness to domestic, gender, dating, and child abuse.