Never Underestimate the Power of Hope



Shine & New Program

Our environment shapes us all as individuals; for transformative healing, especially we need empowering spaces and those that surround us.

Through initiatives like SHINE, NEW, and our future Carolyn’s Haven of Hope Homes, we chart paths toward health, wellness, healthy self-perception, and long-term sustainability.

Leveraging technology and mentorship, we support thousands, aiming to rewrite their stories for their future and those of upcoming generations. Amidst challenges, our collective effort stands as a testament to resilience, determination, and a brighter tomorrow.

  • The SHINE Program is based on the understanding that people are influenced by their surroundings and individuals in their lives. This can lead to both positive and negative behaviors.
  • To change negative behaviors, an individual needs to be around positive influences who are on the path they aspire to.
  • The program targets not just individuals but families and communities as well, aiming to break cycles of domestic abuse that can span generations.
  • By demonstrating a path toward independence and financial sustainability, survivors of abuse can become role models for their children.
  • The SHINE Program aims to boost survivors’ self-esteem and self-perception, empowering them to make decisions for a safe and sustainable future.
  • The program is critical due to increased domestic abuse incidents during the pandemic.
  • The role of positive one-on-one mentorship is highlighted in the program and is crucial for individuals making significant life changes.
  • The SHINE Program operates in-person and virtually via platforms like Zoom, allowing continuous support and progress tracking.
  • The program consists of five main steps: Safety, Habits, Independence, New way of living, and Empowerment.
Safety (Step 1)

Fosters a sense of safety in survivors, reassuring them that abuse is not their fault. This step addresses the shame and guilt often experienced by survivors.

Habit (Step 2)

Aims to establish healthy routines and support trauma healing, focusing on a shift in the interpretation of traumatic experiences and the introduction of better habits.

Independence (Step 3)

Fosters a sense of safety in survivors, reassuring them that abuse is not their fault. This step addresses the shame and guilt often experienced by survivors.

New way of living (Step 4)

Builds confidence and promotes adaptability to new
surroundings. Focuses on the development of healthy relationships and
encourages movement toward independence.

Empowerment (Step 5)

Equips survivors with tools to live a limitless life.
Encourages forgiveness, self-protection, and the realization of dreams. This
stage may include self-defense workshops.

The SHINE Program also facilitates community resources for those with substance abuse or mental health issues, ensuring continuity of care and support.

The program is run by our HH volunteers along with professionals, books, journals, and the unique needs of the survivors.

One time fees
Journal $15
Book $15
Workbook $10
Skilled Training $50

Printing and Resume Design $30
$120 One-time fee

Reoccurring fees
Mentorship $100 per month
Unique Needs $100 per month

$200 Per Month Per Survivor

18-month Program

NEW Program

Many survivors have been distanced from the workforce for years, most not by choice. They seek financial independence and to break free from the shackles of abuse. Our society’s oversight of this transition is a void we’re determined to fill. The SHINE Program provides a holistic embrace, but the NEW Program is the path to economic empowerment.

Beyond the silence of mainstream narratives, this initiative challenges economic barriers with fierce dedication: one-on one mentoring, comprehensive upskilling, and steadfast career support. Faced with the grim reality that 85% of survivors return to abusers due to financial
constraints, our mission is clear. From helping them achieve educational milestones to igniting entrepreneurial dreams, we provide essential tools and unwavering support.

It’s more than survival; it’s about thriving. With the NEW Program, survivors aren’t just recovering; they’re rising, reclaiming, and redefining their future.

Achieving Financial Independence for Survivors

Survivors often face disadvantages:

  • Many have not had employment in years or at all.

Preparation for life post-abuse is critical:

  • Challenges include gaining employment and overcoming societal overlook.

SHINE Program:

  • Offers a comprehensive, holistic approach.

NEW Program:

  • Separate but part of SHINE.
  • Focused on economic mobility, financial sustainability, and mental well-being.
  • One-on-one mentoring, upskilling, reskilling, and career advancement.
  • Addressing issues often overlooked in mainstream media.

Statistics and Facts:

  • 85% of survivors return to abusers primarily for financial reasons.
  • Many survivors lack post-high school education or GED.

Collaboration with community service providers and agencies is essential.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Skill set navigation
  • Trade training
  • Confidence building
  • Time and transportation budgeting
  • Laptop and computer training for employment
  • Resume building, interview training, and on-the-job skills.

Business guidance for survivors with entrepreneurial ideas.

How the NEW Program Works:


  • Custom plans based on individual survivor situations.
  • Documentation of skillset.
  • Training and refreshing skill sets.
  • Self-confidence, posture, grooming, and punctuality.
  • Providing necessary clothing, laptop, and computer skills training.


  • Assisting with obtaining educational transcripts.
  • Resume building, interview training, and budgeting.


  • The goal of gainful employment.
  • Budgeting time, and ensuring transportation.
  • Facilitating the process of job search and retention.
  • Supporting small business ideas.

Program Budget:

Mentor Costs:


Survivor’s Share in the Mentor’s Salary:

  • Since 2 survivors share a mentor, each survivor’s share per month
    is: $288 ÷ 2 = $144

Cost of Program for 2 months:

  • Mentor cost for one survivor for the duration of the program: $144 x 2 = $288

Computer and Materials Cost:

  • The one-time cost for computer and materials/online jobs/work from home: $1000

Total Cost for 1 Survivor for the Duration of the NEW Program:

  • Total: $288 (mentor for 2 months) + $1000 (computer & materials) = $1,288