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Limited Edition Carolyn Line Handbag Purses

How the purchase of a Carolyn Bag purse
helps Hopefull Handbags:

  • Pay for 1 night in a pop-up shelter for a survivor and their children.
  • Buy necessities for a family of 3
  • Purchase a car seat for a survivors child
  • Many other individual needs for a survivor and children

Stylish and Functional

Handbags/Purses for a cause

The Carolyn Line Limited edition large purses were named after founder, Cathlene’s grandmother, Carolyn.

Carolyn was why

Hopefull Handbags Global nonprofit

was born.

Carolyn, Kitty, Cathlene’s grandmother, was an amazing woman. She stood at 4’11” and birthed 11 children! She was the sweetest lady you will ever meet. Humans and animals loved Carolyn. Although she went through years of physical and mental abuse she loved unconditionally. Carolyn loved ice cream and loved to bake and loved her children more than her life itself. Carolyn passed away over 30 years ago but her life is remembered and is now through Hopefull Handbags Global changing the lives of Domestic Abuse Survivors and their children. We love you Nanny.

This beautiful Handbag Purse is a soft wipeable material with a zipper top closure. The beautiful coral color inside allows a bright atmosphere to find everything and is wipeable.

These measure 11” wide x 10” tall with a 4” gusset depth.

Outfitted pockets for sunglasses, a large phone, and an interior pocket which have been stamped with our HH, Katherena logo.

*Fits up to 15-inch Laptop

*Fits File Folders

*Gold Purse Feet to keep your bag clean

**All stitched using high-quality durable thread.

We partnered with Katie, owner, and creator of Katherena Bags, a UK Based Handbags Designer to ensure that our Carolyn Bags are sturdy and can stand up to your busy life.

Domestic abuse and violence happens everywhere, at every socioeconomic level, and in every kind of intimate relationship. But together, we can bring awareness to Domestic Abuse and bring children to safety in the process.

LIMITED EDITION!! Only 100 of these handbags were made.

Each bag is $68 USD in the USA and United Kingdom. These are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We partnered with Katie, owner of Katherena Bags and UK Based Handbags Designer to ensure that our Carolyn Bags are sturdy and can stand up to your busy life.

What our customers are saying

  • Beautiful soft material that fits all of mine and my children’s belongings for our day! Mary D.
  • I feel so great supporting a much needed cause globally. I have been through Domestic Abuse and organizations such as Hopefull Handbags have saved my life and my children’s lives. Sara R.
  • The color is amazing! What a feeling of giving back at the same I can enjoy a functional beautiful handbag. Lisa E.
  • This bag is great for my on the go life with my laptop! It also fits all of my other essentials! Joanna W.

All net profits go to support Hopefull Handbags work to spread awareness about the issue of domestic abuse,

prevention programs, and direct support to survivors.