Never Underestimate the Power of Hope




group of boys and girls smiling

Cathlene Miner, Founder and President of Hopefull Handbags states,

“It is very important to open the channels of communication within the various cultures globally. This not only serves to protect the rights of women who survive the situations but it also instigates the fulfillment of the need regarding resources and legislation. Women who are in volatile situations are much more likely to speak out about their situation if they know there are services available to aid in their safe exit and also legislation and law enforcement that will protect them from their abusers. “

In response, Hopefull Handbags launched its Affiliate Program in 2020 with affiliates in the Caribbean Island nations of Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. Since then, other affiliates have started in AustraliaCanadaEngland and WalesScotlandSouth Africa, and the USA (Florida). Don’t see an affiliate in your region or country? Learn more about how to Start an affiliate in your area!

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