Never Underestimate the Power of Hope



College, Universities and Sororities

Philanthropy and Service for college, universities, and sororities. University Projects

Giving back to the community and making our local communities a better place is an important part of college, university, and sorority life.

As active citizens, you want to take charge of your role in the community and constantly strive to make the world a better place. By participating in philanthropy and service events, sorority members, clubs, and individual students make an impact in the community and become more creative, caring, and empathic people.

Broaden Your Horizons and Deepen your Relationships Through Service

Hopefull Handbags Global gives you a platform to be active citizens and make an impact on the lives of others. Community service broadens the view you have of the world and helps you to understand the societal needs of others. It is through giving of ourselves and our time that we become great role models and mentors.

Community engagement also fosters a unique connection between college, universities, sororities, and your local community.

Providing Necessary Funds to HH Nonprofit/Charity Organizations

Your group can adopt Hopefull Handbags Global as your philanthropic partner by doing projects, drives, spreading hope, and mentoring on campus and in your community. Ways to partner and collaborate.

Hosting Handbags and necessity drives that will be donated back into your community to local shelters and those getting back on their feet in your community due to Domestic Abuse and their children

By bringing awareness to dating abuse and participating and educating your community on prevention.

Hold philanthropic events that will provide vital funds to get more people and their children to safety that are in domestic abuse situations and help greatly raise Hope, and aid in their sustainability efforts for a healthy, safe, happy life for themselves and their children.