Help survivors and their children get the tools for education and sustainable work.

Hopefull Handbags Global needs your help to to further the education of children coming out of abusive homes and getting back on their feet again.

Once survivors and their children are safe, so many Survivors of Domestic and Gender-Based Abuse and their children globally do not have the financial means to access a laptop and internet. This is leaving the children without the ability to do their homework and any form of distance learning and the adults out of potential online jobs. Due to circumstances out of their control they do not have access to computers or technology.

We are leveling the playing field and giving them access to what so many take for granted these days for a better future. This will change the adult’s lives for a sustainable income and the children’s lives to be educated for their future. Because of people like you we are changing lives in so many ways with the guidance that Hopefull Handbags Global and our other educational and sustainability programs.

What can you do? Sponsor a computer for a survivor and their children. Any amount will make a difference.

They will also gain access to Hopefull Handbags educational and sustainability programs so that they continue to gain the knowledge and skills to live a safe, sustainable and happy future!

Help us reach our goal of 100 computers for this initiative!