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Women's Self Defense Certification

Are you passionate about women's and children's safety and fitness and would like to be a certified self-defense instructor with a commitment to making the world a safer place for women?

Join our mission to empower and protect women and children through self-defense training while unlocking a fantastic opportunity to add an extra income stream!

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Room Booking link to be sent once registered. 

Why Choose Us?


Boost Your Income

In addition to empowering women and children, become a self-defense trainer with us and enjoy the benefits of an extra income stream! Make money doing what you love while ensuring the safety and security of women and children in your community.

Join us in creating a safer world for women and children and boosting your income simultaneously! Together, we can build confidence, strength, resilience, and financial stability. Enroll as a self-defense trainer today and be a part of something truly meaningful. 💪👩👊


Hopefull Handbags Global Nonprofit believes that everyone can, and should, arm themselves with the knowledge and skills to protect both themselves and their children through practical, life-saving tactics. Get certified to help in this mission.

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