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Hopefull Handbags is very passionate about being involved in different areas of the world.In 2016 The Domestic Violence Act was signed into law and a victim’s unit was added to their police force.

In the Caribbean, 36% of the population are survivors of domestic violence and domestic violence is one of the most under-reported crimes in this region. In 2017, the UN Women  stated that “violence and abuse against women in this region continues to be a significant social problem”. 

Our local advocates in this area work hard, not only to provide the necessities for survivors but to also raise awareness and combat the social stigma regarding domestic violence throughout Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago and the other Islands in the Caribbean. 

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Cathlene Miner, Founder and President of Hopefull Handbags states, “It is very important to open the channels of communication within the various cultures globally. This not only serves to protect the rights of women who survive the situations but it also instigates the fulfillment of the need regarding resources and legislation.Women who are in volatile situations are much more likely to speak out about their situation if they know there are services available to aid in their safe exit and also legislation and law enforcement that will protect them from their abusers. “

If you are in the Caribbean and would like to get involved feel free to contact us here

Kimberlee Baker

President and Lead Coordinator of Hopefull Handbags Caribbean

The burning desire to raise awareness of domestic violence, what it is and that it’s not ok here in the Caribbean started right here in Barbados 🇧🇧 . Statistics are staggering to almost non-existent when it comes to Domestic Violence here in this region of the World! Despite this, the Caribbean is more than ready to spread the word that Domestic Violence is NOT Ok and that there is Hope, Help and Support out there.

Master Clyde “Stinger” Robinson

President of Hopefull and Handbags Charity Trinidad and Tobago and owner of Fitness Unlimited

​I am proud to announce that I have collaborated with Hopefull Handbags to give ‘HOPE’ to women and men in refuge by providing them pre-loved, which are still in good condition, handbags filled with necessities for them! This will be a forever campaign of mine. My team and I are starting from now! There are so many ways you can help us and get involved. Spread the word to family and friends. 🙌🏻👜 🇹🇹 –