Never Underestimate the Power of Hope

Meet our Board

Tayler Gibson, HH Global Board

Hi! I’m Tayler Christene Gibson, a stay-at-home mom, fitness trainer, and an active volunteer with Hopefull Handbags since its inception in 2017. My passion for the cause is deeply rooted in my family’s history. Growing up, I learned about the struggles my grandmother faced in an abusive environment. Her resilience and determination to end the cycle of abuse not only shaped her life but also influenced subsequent generations. Inspired by these stories and driven by the indomitable spirit of my mom, the founder of Hopefull Handbags, I’ve been involved in spreading awareness about domestic violence and connecting victims to vital resources.

Beyond just words, my husband and I have consistently shown up for the cause. We’ve volunteered at numerous events, and his company has generously contributed to the mission. Moreover, I’ve always been keen on involving my family. My elder daughters even chip in, assisting at the HH warehouse, filling purses for survivors. In terms of hands-on involvement, I’ve actively participated in setting up events, ensuring they run smoothly.

Outside of this, I’m a sun lover, always up for outdoor activities. But equally, I cherish quiet moments immersed in a good book or quality time with my family. My vision for Hopefull Handbags is grand but achievable. The establishment of Carolyn’s Haven of Hope is a dream I’m ardently working towards, to intensify our impact in the community.

As I step onto the board, I bring with me years of experience, a deep understanding of our mission, and an unyielding commitment to see our goals realized. I’ve been fortunate to witness the love, dedication, and sheer hard work my mom has invested in this nonprofit. It’s a legacy of resilience, compassion, and hope. Being part of this journey, advocating for those who need it most, and being my mom and grandmother’s biggest cheerleader is an honor I hold dear.