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The Trinidad and Tobago Affiliate works with partners including Vikki’s World and BE Entertainment TT to provide necessities services to survivors in the region. Hopefull Handbags Global Sports Awareness Initiative is active in Trinidad and Tobago. This program works with youth sports groups to raise awareness about domestic abuse and violence. This include providing group discussions during practices and team activities in the community to raise awareness and support survivors.

Meet the HH Trinidad and Tobago Team below! If you would like to get involved with Hopefull Handbags Trinidad and Tobago, fill out our volunteer application and select Trinidad and Tobago as your affiliate. You can also reach us directly by filling out our contact form. We hope you will join us in our work to create a world without domestic abuse!

Follow the HH Trinidad and Tobago Facebook page to keep up with all the ways this affiliate is helping domestic abuse survivors and Join Our Mailing List to learn about survivor issues and keep up with Hopefull Handbags worldwide.

Meet the Team

Black man wear suit and glasses pointing finger

Clyde “Stinger” Robinson

Executive President

Akai Webster

Vice President

Sherrine Gordon


Ria Joseph-Lopez


Smiling black woman with wavy hair

Lessie-ann Pascall-Joseph

Volunteer Coordinator

Chelyshia Phillip

Food Outreach Manager

Black woman with curly top bun

Thandiwe Prescott

Events Coordinator

Nigel Lopez

PR Manager

Black Man in blue polo and glasses

Alvin Hernandez

Advisor to the Board and Project Manager

smiling black man in suit and tie

Esbert Joseph

Advisor to the Board

Sports Committee

Black man wear suit and glasses pointing finger

Clyde “Stinger” Robinson

Executive President

Nigel Lopez

Head of Sports Committee

Smiling black woman with glasses

Natasha Prescott-Regis


Smiling black woman with glasses sitting in car

Keran Daniel 


Black Man in blue polo and glasses

Alvin Hernandez

Project Manager

Sean Gordon

Public Relations Officer

Caribbean Survivor Sustainability

Help Survivors in the Caribbean Overcome Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an ongoing issue in the Caribbean nations of Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. It is especially acute for survivors of domestic abuse and violence.

In keeping with Hopefull Handbags, Nonprofit goal to help survivors get back on their feet, the Hopefull Handbags Caribbean affiliate is working on projects to combat food insecurity. These initiatives include:

  • Partnering with supermarkets in Trinidad and Tobago to distribute excess food to survivors and others in need.
  • Establishing aquaponic and conventional farms in Barbados that will allow survivors to grow food and provide for themselves and their families long term.
caribbean food in a wheel barrel
3 men looking at aquaponics system
Aquaponics system under greenhouse

Domestic Abuse Data from The Caribbean

In the Caribbean, 36% of the population are survivors of domestic violence and domestic violence is one of the most under-reported crimes in this region. In 2017, the UN Women stated that “violence and abuse against women in this region continues to be a significant social problem.”

​Our local advocates in this area work hard, not only to provide the necessities for survivors but to also raise awareness and combat the social stigma regarding domestic violence throughout Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the other Islands in the Caribbean.