Survivor Services

We are available at any time:
[email protected]
(904) 383-7158

Visit a Safe Places denoted by logo on the front of the location and ask anyone there for assistance.

We have classes and workshops on a variety of subjects to help prevent domestic abuse and to help survivors get back on their feet. Visit our Classes & Workshops to register for upcoming classes, or visit our Prevention Programs to get on the waitlist for upcoming classes. They are free to survivors. Our classes include:

  • Improve self perception
  • Get off Your Plateau – Manifesting Magic in Your Everyday Life
  • Self Defense
  • Self Perception Make Over
  • Household Finances

Find the closest shelter to you at Look for Hopefull Handbbags logo at businesses in northeast Florida for Safe Places to ask for help.

Reach out directly to us for help anytime at [email protected] or call or text  904-383-7158.

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To schedule a time to select items from Hopefull Handbags Business Closet, please contact us at [email protected]
(904) 383-7158 

Why is journaling so important.

Effective journaling is a journaling practice that helps you meet your goals, create your life on purpose and with intention, heal, and will improve your quality of life. This can look different for each and every person, and the outcomes can vary widely, but they are almost always very positive. So, why not get started!

Journaling is just the tip of the iceberg of a healthy Self Perception and your Self Perception (what you think and feel about you) dictates everything in your life. The chances you take, the choices you make, the relationships you stay in personally and professionally, and the ones you leave because you know that you are worth more.

So let’s do this… You have control and you are limitless. It is your time to shine and we are here to help you with that journey.

If you would like to receive Hopefull Handbags at your shelter, please fill out our online shelter request form. We will reach out to you about your request as soon as possible.

This Logo Means

This Logo means SAFETY – This Logo means TRUST – This Logo means Help – This Logo means HOPE – This Logo means CARING – Look for This Logo Globally

Where ever you see this logo it means we are here for you. Where ever you see this logo it means you can come inside for help, hope, and support.

Our trusted partners will be represented by this logo sticker.

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