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Start an Affiliate

Start a Hopefull Handbags Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in​ starting a Hopefull Handbags Affiliate in your area! We are excited at the possibility of working with you and in your area. To have the most impact, our effort to spread our mission globally needs to be carried out locally. We could not expand our reach without people like you! Together we are stronger!

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  • Joining Hopefull Handbags means becoming aligned with a well-respected non-profit that has established an excellent reputation among the people we serve, volunteers, donors, and the global corporate community.
  • You will be part of a global organization and will have an identity—a trademarked logo, brand, and established mission—that is both recognized and esteemed throughout the world.
  • Affiliate status—and the benefits associated with it—is free.
  • You will have access to—and can benefit from—materials, best practices, and programs that have proven successful in other locations.
  • Colleagues from affiliates around the world will support you and lend their expertise and experience any time that you need assistance.
  • You will have free space on the Hopefull Handbags website, which has hundreds of visitors each month.
  • Cause-marketing campaigns with prominent and well-known companies benefit all affiliates by increasing awareness about the organization.
  • Additional resources—databases, internal communication portals—are available to affiliates to encourage communication among the network and the sharing of best practices.


  • Affiliate organizations are separately incorporated non-profits that have their own boards of directors and raise their own funds. Affiliates are independent of each other but still part of the global team and mission .
  • Provide Hopefull Handbags and services that are available in your area to those getting back on their feet again due to domestic abuse and other detrimental situations.

  • Use the “Hopefull Handbags” name and logo as approved by Hopefull Handbags Global.
  • Leverage the relationships that Hopefull Handbags Global builds with national and international corporations to establish partnerships on the local level.
  • Attend an online leadership conference that provides the opportunity for affiliates from around the world to network with each other and to share information and ideas.
  • Regularly communicate with our Global Office and other affiliates about best practices and other experience-based information for further the Hopefull Handbags mission and services globally.

If you are still interested in starting an affiliate near you, please complete the Affiliate Request Application.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will Hopefull Handbags Global share feedback on submitted application requests?2021-03-08T10:44:56-05:00

Please note that Hopefull Handbags Global accepts a limited number of requests per year. With this, Hopefull Handbags Global will at a minimum follow-up with all interested applicants in the third quarter of the calendar year. If time and resources permit, Hopefull Handbags Global will otherwise review affiliate applications as soon as possible upon receipt.

Does Hopefull Handbags Global provide start-up funds?2021-03-08T10:44:56-05:00

No. Each affiliate is a separately incorporated non-profit. Therefore, each location is expected to raise all of the funding needed for its launch and operations. There may some outside grant application exceptions.

How will I be paid? And how much?2021-03-08T10:44:56-05:00

Hopefull Handbags Global does not provide salaries to affiliates. In most cases, founders and executive directors of new affiliates receive no compensation during the first two years of operations. As with most nonprofit organizations, the early years require a lot of volunteer hours.

Can I use the Hopefull Handbags name, logo, or materials prior to becoming an affiliate?2021-03-08T10:44:56-05:00

No. Unfortunately, you cannot use any of the Hopefull Handbag materials and/or take any action that would mislead someone into thinking you are affiliated with Hopefull Handbags prior to being approved as an affiliate. Hopefull Handbags has spent a lot of time, energy, and money in developing its mission branding. Hopefull Handbags works with legal advisors to monitor our brand usage and enforce unlawful uses around the globe.

Do I have to have non-profit experience?2021-03-08T10:44:56-05:00

No, you do not have to have experience. Founders often supplement their own knowledge by recruiting start-up committee members who have worked in a similar organization previously and who can provide assistance in relevant areas.