Help Survivors Become Thrivers

Domestic abuse is abuse that happens in the home. This not only happens between spouses but also with children and teens living in abusive homes and also with dating abuse. Hopefull Handbags Global Sports Ambassador and Mentor Program trains teen athletes to use the love of their sport to reach their peers who may be in abusive situations to find the confidence, support and HOPE they need to read their full potential. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Trinidad and Tobago Pilot Program

Hopefull Handbags Global Trinidad and Tobago began a pilot program in 2019, helping support Gabriella Wood to attend the 2020 Olympics. She represented both her country and Hopefull Handbags Global spreading awareness about the issue of domestic abuse at an international level.

Newspaper article highlighting Gabriella Wood's Olympic goals and Hopefull Handbags

How it Works

Teen athletes in the program sign a one-year contract to promote the message of Hopefull Handbags at places such as schools, programs, and shelters to talk peer-to-peer with fellow teens. They help them learn of resources available to them for assistance, provide emotional support, and offer mentorship in a sport as a way to build confidence and improved self-perception.

In return, the athletes receive equipment, promotion, training scholarships, and sports-related medical treatment.

Through the program, Sports Ambassadors learn responsibility and the importance of hard work to achieving success.

How You Can Help!

There are several ways you can help with this program and spread awareness and HOPE for domestic abuse survivors and their children in your community! Click on the buttons below to fill out a volunteer application, get involved, donate, or support an athlete. Currently, the program is only in Trinidad and Tobago, but please click the “Start a Sports Program button below to learn about starting one in your area. Thank you for helping teen survivors become thrivers!