Hopefull Handbags Global Sewing Sustainability Initiative in collaboration with “Pure Femme” by PURE Inc.

black woman working at sewing machine

In most of the villages in Africa, girls and women do not have access to sanitary products. This initiative is providing women with self confidence, self esteem and very importantly sustainability to support themselves and their children. Our sewing sustainability Initiative is providing the needed tools such as sewing machines, tables, material, etc. as well as training. The re-usable pads are then available for purchase by individuals, businesses and or organizations for personal use or to be donated to those that would otherwise not have access to sanitary products.

The ladies are going to schools in the villages to donate to the students and educate the students on how to use the re-usable pads. This is building self confidence in themselves as well as the student they are speaking to.

Reusable Sanitary Pads are Available for purchase and also donated throughout Africa where needed. Please reach out to purchase.

In a collaborative effort, “Pure Femme” by PURE Inc. and Hopefull Handbags Global

Help us reach our goal of $100, 000. for this initiative to spread this project in more areas globally where there is a need.!
Blue and plaid fabric shaped like sanitary napkins on a brown table next to a sewing machine
two African women working at table
Two African women standing in grass in front of bushes and a wooden fence