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Self-Defense Workshop

As part of our Hopefull Handbags Global Prevention Programs, we offer Self Defense Workshops by leaders in the industry.  We know the importance of Self Defense in everyday life and these skills could save your life.

De-escalation and basic self skills are life saving

Self-defense classes will give you the ability to protect yourself, know what to be aware of, and learn life saving skills.

Millions of women, students, and children are attacked each year.

Everyone should know self-defense.

Women  and Students 12 and up Kids ages 5-11


Self-defense classes will give you the ability to protect yourself and overcome an attacker.

In our self-defense workshop, you will

  • improve strength and endurance
  • sharpen your reflexes to respond more quickly to attack
  • learn where to step and throw your punches and kicks so you can escape.

  • enhance your awareness skills
  • Learn key skills and learn how to trust your instincts
  • Using your voice as a weapon
  • Learn how to use your voice effectively.
  • Avoidance and Deescalation skills
  • How to safely avoid the need for a confrontation altogether

Determination skills

  • How to spot dangers and potential threats
  • Prevention techniques
  • Stopping an attacker in his tracks by acting early
  • Simple physical techniques and skills
  • How to turn the tables when you need to!

Simple physical self defense skills based on your bodies natural reactions. No partner needed, everyone should know these!

About Your HH Instructors

Gulshen Bano from the UK;

  • A full-time KMG-certified Instructor.

  • The ONLY female KMG instructor in the West Midlands.

  • A BTEC Advanced Self Defence Instructor.

  • Global Women’s Self Defence Coordinator for Hopefull Handbags global charity.

  • DBS checked.

  • First Aider.

  • Experienced teaching women and girls.

  • Fully Insured.

Gulshen Bano is the founder and Head Instructor of Strike Back Self Defence for Women. After experiencing a number of physical assaults and threats to her safety whilst working as a Pharmacist, she set out on a mission to be able to protect herself and began training in Krav Maga. Soon realizing there was a huge lack of safe spaces for women who didn’t want to learn in mixed classes or with a male instructor, she became an Instructor herself and proudly opened the only ‘Women’s only’ Krav self-defense school in the UK. Today she teaches workshops for women and girls across the UK and worldwide, working with the Domestic Abuse charity Hopefull Handbags Global as their global women’s self-defense coordinator. She is on a mission to make these vital lifesaving skills virtually accessible to every female across the world so they can learn how to protect themselves and stay safe.

  • 6th Degree Blackbelt in Martial Arts
  • Jo-Sin-Do Breathing

  • Stretching Therapy

  • Emergency Medical First Responder

  • Reiki

  • Foundation of Sports Psychology Program

  • Inducted into the NAFMA Hall of Fame Master Robinson is skilled and passionate about teaching self defense to male and females.

  • Founder of Fitness Unlimited Learning Centre

He knows that these skills can potentially lives.

“Learning Self Defence is for all”

  • 30 Years of experience in the training women and teens
  • Teaches the modality of Kickboxing in a Self- Defense
  • Teaches practical everyday skills
  • Global Self Defense Instructor Hopefull Handbags Non Profit
  • Author 30 Day Self Perception Makeover

Cathlene teaches the modality of Kickboxing in a Self Defense form to gain basics of safety and awareness.

“I am a firm believer that Self Defense can save your life. Awareness and practice is key.”