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Drive To The 25!

Reminiscent of such "against all odds" stories.

Dreams, Goals, and Perseverance will get you everywhere!

An impulse bid at a charity auction first led Author,  Lynn Kehoe to racecar driving, but after one day behind the wheel, she knew she had found a sport and a lifestyle she could embrace with passion. “It was an unbelievable experience,” she says of her first time behind the wheel of a BMW E 30, “it took me right out of my comfort zone and left me with
an incredible feeling of having risen to a challenge and met it.”’

Reminiscent of such “against all odds” stories like The World’s Fastest Indian and Ford vs. Ferrari, DRIVE TO THE 25! recounts the Herculean efforts of Lynn Schultz Kehoe and Karen Salvaggio to conceive, fund, organize and field a team of women drivers in time for the mother of all American endurance races – the 2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Short on time, squeezed for funds, and trying to enter an ingenious race car from the 1980’s – Kehoe and Salvaggio face the ultimate challenge when their unique ride dies just weeks before the race. Adopting the racer’s mantra of “run what you brung” the two women manage to not only make it to the “25” but manage to land on the podium.

Dreams, Goals, and Perseverance will get you everywhere!



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