Meet Our Board

Cathlene Miner

Cathlene Miner
Founder and CEO

Our executive board members are volunteers that take Inspired Action to make Hopefull Handbags Global, Inc operate efficiently both in operation and in fiscal support. Cathlene Miner (CEO and founder) started Hopefull Handbags Global, Inc independently in 2017 and is proud to have a team of passionate individuals to facilitate the global success of the organization. Each board member contributes something different and the diversity of creativity and vision has continued to be one of the reasons the success of Hopefull Handbags Global, Inc has grown globally and continues to grow so rapidly. Each Board Member is an HH Certified Domestic Abuse Advocate.

Cathlene is a Certified Domestic Abuse Advocate, Author, Mentor, Speaker, Wife, Mom, and Grandma (Sea)

Tabitha Dingler

Tabitha Dingler

Dr. Brendan Miner, MD

Dr. Brendan Miner, MD
Chief Financial Officer

Black man with glasses wearing a gui

Clyde Robinson
“Master Stinger”
President HH Trinidad and Tobago
Director of Self Defense Education

women with short gray hair, yellow flower above left ear, shirt with dark blue background and flower print

Debbie Miele
Director of Handbag Fulfillment and Volunteers

Leona Burton
President of Hopefull Handbags Global United kingdom

Smiling woman with blue top and red pants sitting in front of a white car

Donna Antenucci
President of Hopefull Handbags Global Canada

Tayler Gibson
HH Early Education and Prevention

Tiffany Currall                                  HH Australia President

Evelyn Marron
HH Northern Ireland President

Gabriela van Zuilen; women with short brown hair smiling

Gabriela Van Zuilen
Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement
Carolyn’s Haven of Hope