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Hopefull Handbags Global and Water Projects.

WHY DID H O P E F U L L H A N D B A G S Global get involved in W A T E R P R O J E C T S ????


We asked survivors of abuse in Kenya what can they do to make a positive impact in their community while adding to their sustainability for themselves and their children.

➡️In some of the Kenya villages that we have been assisting survivors it is water that is a huge need for the schools, children and the community.

➡️How is this helping survivors?

It is helping with sustainability because the survivors are involved with the planning of the project the implementation and the follow-up. They are paid for their services which leads to sustainability and also raises confidence, self-perception, and self-esteem.

➡️➡️How is this helping the community?

Allowing their natural resources of rain to become sustainable water for the schools, children and the community that will also have access to the water. ➡️➡️Also bringing awareness to domestic, gender, dating, and child abuse.Survivors and their children in each country have unique needs. Read on to get involved

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