Your donation to Hopefull Handbags provides support before, during, and after survivors leave their detrimental situation, giving them the best chance to leave permanently.

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We have safe spaces for them to reach out for help and assist with finding temporary housing at an area shelter or by providing a “Popup Shelter” when the shelter is full. Our Hopefull Handbags provide necessities and give hope to survivors when they need it most – soon after they leave. We offer our classes and workshops on self-improvement and self-defense free to survivors and give one-on-one assistance and guidance to survivors. We are also pursing bridge housing to create a Haven of Hope to give survivors support as the learn to navigate household budgets and lead independent lives.

See what your donation provides below. Any amount helps!

What Your Donation Provides

  • $50 Fills a once-loved handbags for a survivor
  • $100 Provides a workshop or class scholarship
  • $250 Delivers Hopefull Handbags to area shelters for one month
  • $500 Covers one month of living expenses for a survivor
  • $750 Supports a Popup Shelter for a week
  • $1500 Pays for one-month of rent to a survivor

You can also help by volunteering with one of our affiliates or by starting an affiliate in your area!