Re-Defining Success

Women’s Stories

The Perception of Perfection

HH Women’s Expo 2022!

Sunday. July24 2002  11am – 2pm

At The

4730 Dixie Hwy, St. Augustine, FL 32086

Re-Defining Success

What does success look like to you?

It’s about time that we all accepted and championed the idea that the look of success is very different for each one of us…and that is absolutely wonderful!

It could be making several high-profile deals a day, living an off-grid life, feeling free and in control, or devoting your life to the small little beings that hang onto our legs 24/7. Each one of these scenarios is someone’s idea of success, someone’s dream and who are we to say otherwise?

By sharing and embracing our own and each other’s stories we can and will help our communities and further afield grow and be filled with empowerment. And this is what the whole world needs, now more than ever…Empowered women who support each other!

Come along to Re-Defining Success, The Women’s Expo on the 24th of July in St. Augustine, to listen to, be inspired by, and empowered by a multitude of stories from women around the globe. Spend time networking, share your own wealth of wisdom and connect with a community of women who want you and everyone to succeed.

There will be a wealth of experience and knowledge for all that attend, all you need to do is book your ticket and walk through the door!

From health advice, business signposting, connections, and networking all while raising much-needed funds for women and their families who have escaped the clutches of domestic abuse.

Tickets for this marvelous day are just $7 and go to help the survivors and children that Hopefull Handbags Global continues to serve. By attending you will be helping another survivor go from surviving to thriving!

This will be a day that could change your life while you help change another’s life for the better. #togetherwearestronger

Get your ticket today:-

If you would like to host A Women’s Expo hosted by Hopefull Handbags Global in your area email [email protected] Attn: Affiliate HHWomen’s Expo

Experience your passions, business, and interests and leave feeling motivated and inspired.

HH Women’s Expo 2022!
Hosted By Hopefull Handbags, Inc
501(c)3 NonProfit

Hopefull Handbags Women’s Expo is the premier event that brings together the most inspiring women in communities. This is a great opportunity to share your business while raising funds to offer support to survivors of domestic abuse and their children. Scroll for more info!

Be a part of the Women’s Expo 2022!

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