We are proud to work with large corporations globally to facilitate their individual brand recognition and broaden their reach in communities worldwide. When you donate to Hopefull Handbags, Inc, not only do you get marketing exposure on multiple platforms, but you are an integral part of an important community endeavor.

Levels of Sponsorship

GOLD $15,000 yearly
Premiered Main Global Sponsor
Gold sponsors have their company logo and profile appear in all introductory packages given to local sponsors across the globe. Sponsors are placed on all marketing material distributed by Hopefull Handbags, Inc globally and will be highlighted above all other levels of sponsors on event banners as well as highlighted during any speaking events. Gold members are also featured in social media and on our website.

SILVER $10,000 yearly
Logo/Branding and promotion(s) are placed on every flyer put in the handbags, and on all marketing material distributed by Hopefull Handbags, Inc nationally (nation of choice). The corporation will also be highlighted in speeches during event kickoffs globally as well as highlighted on all social media platforms and our website.

BRONZE $5,000 yearly
Corporation name will be highlighted on all flyers nationwide as well as highlighted in speeches and during event kickoffs

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Sponsored Events

Hopefull Handbags, Inc. believes in collaboration over competition. That is why all HH events provide a fun, interactive setting for women to engage with their community.

Hopefull Handbags focuses on providing the knowledge, tools, and community to give Hope, Help, and Support for you to feel empowered to create a positive change in your life which affects everything and everyone around you.

When your business is ready to make Hopefull Handbags, Inc. their charitable project, your selected project will be recognized and tagged on all of Hopefull Handbag, Inc Social Media Platforms and shout outs. Send your ideas to [email protected] attn: Cathlene

All money donated goes towards Corporate Yearly Sponsorship.

A Special Thanks to our Current Corporate Sponsors

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